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International Scientific Indexing (ISI) Indexed Journal Applied Medical Research ISSN: 2149 - 2018

Volume   11

Prevalence of Obesity/Overweight and Associated Factors among Students in Burao College of Health Science, Burao Somaliland: A Cross Sectional Study

Author(s): Dek kahin Yosef*, Mohamed Cumar Ali, Hamse Dubad, Fadumo Osman, Mohamed Jamac and Saed Ibrahim

Received Date: 2024-04-24 ; Accepted Date: 2024-04-29; Published Date: 2024-05-08

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2024(11)240
Novel Targets in Rare Liver Diseases in Childhood

Author(s): Stefan Bittmann

Received Date: 2024-04-10 ; Accepted Date: 2024-04-15; Published Date: 2024-04-24

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2024(11)238
Use of Mathematical Methods in Oncology

Author(s): Aleksandr Tsybin

Received Date: 2024-02-23 ; Accepted Date: 2024-02-26; Published Date: 2024-03-28

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2024(11)237
Oncology Breakthroughs to A New Pace of Precision Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Author(s): Hung-Chih Lai, Wen-Hung Kuo and Chen Yeh*

Received Date: 2023-10-20 ; Accepted Date: 2023-10-25; Published Date: 2024-02-27

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2024(11)236
Effectiveness of the Feldenkrais Method on Self-Perception of Anxiety, Fatigue and Depression in Fibromyalgic Patients

Author(s): Giorgio Mandala*, Valentina La Mantia, Cataldo Pietro, Marco Mirabella, Umberto Pandolfo T, Marianna BellafioreFP, Daniela Smirni FP and Caterina Forte T

Received Date: 2023-12-28 ; Accepted Date: 2024-01-11; Published Date: 2024-01-31

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2024(11)234
The Use of the "System Method of Leech Therapy" in Severe Transport Trauma, Pelvic Bone Fractures and Subarochnoid Hemorrhage (Clinical Case)

Author(s): Krashenyuk AI* and Markova EP

Received Date: 2024-01-02 ; Accepted Date: 2024-01-08; Published Date: 2024-01-20

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2024(11)235
Therapeutic Effectiveness of using Papaya Leaves in the Treatment of Dental Diseases

Author(s): Penjiyev AM* and Shagulyev P

Received Date: 2023-12-01 ; Accepted Date: 2023-12-21; Published Date: 2024-01-05

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2024(11)233

Volume   10

An Overview of Neglected Tropical Diseases: Global Perspective

Author(s): Ambika Akhoury, John Abraham*, Clement Prakash TJ, Anieta Merin Jacob, Nancy Angeline G, Ganesh V, Jimi Jose, Romate John, Shibu Prakash, Chandrashekhar BS, Titto Rahim, Preethi G and Issac Georgy

Received Date: 2023-12-11 ; Accepted Date: 2023-12-19; Published Date: 2023-12-26

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2023(10)232
Effectiveness of Text Message-Based Intervention in Improving Glycemic Control among Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): Husain Taha, Amani Al Arayedh, Aysha Asif Sarwani*, Fatema Mandeel, Zainab Abdulraheem, Amal Ghareeb, Fatema Al Aradi and Zohour Rashwan

Received Date: 2023-11-30 ; Accepted Date: 2023-12-04; Published Date: 2023-12-15

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2023(10)230
Consciousness Influences Epigenetics in the Development of Disease

Author(s): Ingrid Fredriksson

Received Date: 2023-10-22 ; Accepted Date: 2023-10-26; Published Date: 2023-11-05

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2023(10)227
The Impact of Post-COVID-19 can be Seen in Various Aspects of Life, Including Physical, Psychological, and Socio-Economic Factors

Author(s): Atia Arefin

Received Date: 2023-10-12 ; Accepted Date: 2023-10-14; Published Date: 2023-10-20

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2023(10)228
Structural Model of a Nano Drive for Biomedical Research

Author(s): Afonin SM

Received Date: 2023-09-17 ; Accepted Date: 2023-09-26; Published Date: 2023-09-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2023(10)229
The Classification, Related Hazards and Biomarkers of Particulate Matter

Author(s): Baoming Zhang and Xiaomian Wu

Received Date: 2023-09-07 ; Accepted Date: 2023-09-08; Published Date: 2023-09-15

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2023(10)226
Prevalence of Bovine Cysticercosis, Human Taeniasis and Associated Risk Factors in Selected Towns of Silte Zone

Author(s): Solomon Musema Mussa

Received Date: 2023-08-14 ; Accepted Date: 2023-08-18; Published Date: 2023-08-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2023(10)225
Factors Associated with Utilization of Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive Methods among Women Attending Family Planning Clinic at Kampala International University Teaching Hospital, Western Uganda

Author(s): Kairania Emmanuel, Angee Pius Ocan, Semuyaba Ibrahim, Adam Afodun and Kiyimba Kennedy

Received Date: 2023-08-09 ; Accepted Date: 2023-08-18; Published Date: 2023-08-24

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2023(10)224
Analyzing the Psychology Behind Animal Abuse and Tendencies of Human Criminality

Author(s): Nastassia Lini and Satesh Bidaisee

Received Date: 2023-06-16 ; Accepted Date: 2023-06-22; Published Date: 2023-07-25

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2023(10)231

Volume   9

Psychological Strategies for Dealing with Mental Disorders in the Preoperative and Postoperative Period

Author(s): Theofilidis Antonis

Received Date: 2022-05-20 ; Accepted Date: 2022-05-30; Published Date: 2022-05-31

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2022(9)221
Segmental Splenic Flexure Resection in Colonic Carcinoma: A Single Center Experience

Author(s): Raffaele Porfidia*, Simona Grimaldi, Pietro Picarella, Maria Giovanna Ciolli and Sergio Grimaldi

Received Date: 2022-05-03 ; Accepted Date: 2022-05-09; Published Date: 2022-05-18

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2022(9)220
Intraperitoneal Coil Migration Causing Appendicular Bisection Treated By Laparoscopic Appendectomy: A Call for Alternatives

Author(s): Atef MM Darwish*, Dina AM Darwish and Ahmed Dervis

Received Date: 2022-04-20 ; Accepted Date: 2022-04-26; Published Date: 2022-04-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2022(9)219
Anthropometric Distance between the Proximal and Distal Interphalangeal Joints of the Ring Finger in Relation to Height among the Ukwuani and Ika Ethnic Groups in Delta State, Nigeria

Author(s): Anibor Ese, Okoro Ogheneyebrorue Godswill* and Okafor Samuel Eziashi

Received Date: 2022-08-26 ; Accepted Date: 2022-09-15; Published Date: 2022-10-22

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2022(9)222
Medium-dose VP-16 Intensified Conditioning Regimen Is Safe in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Author(s): Feifei Sun, Xue Sun, Xin Wang and Xiaosheng Fang

Received Date: 2022-09-26 ; Accepted Date: 2022-10-01; Published Date: 2022-10-10

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2022(9)223
Cullen’s Sign in Severe Acute Pancreatitis

Author(s): Mohamed Hajri, Wael Ferjaoui*, Sahir Omrani and Rached Bayar

Received Date: 2022-03-23 ; Accepted Date: 2022-03-30; Published Date: 2022-03-31

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2022(9)218
Serum Iron Status of Pregnant Women in Central Hospital Sapele, South-South Nigeria

Author(s): Kingsley Chukwuka Amaihunwa, Emmanuel Asuquo Etim and Anthony Chijioke Ezimah

Received Date: 2021-12-31 ; Accepted Date: 2022-03-25; Published Date: 2022-03-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2022(9)216
A Survey of Healthcare Professionals’ Treatment of Patients with Eating Disorders and Obesity in Saudi Arabia, and the Availability of Specialised Resources

Author(s): Amnah Alsabbah

Received Date: 2022-01-04 ; Accepted Date: 2022-03-12; Published Date: 2022-03-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2022(9)217

Volume   8

Impact of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Duration on Survival of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Author(s): Hissah Albinali*, Arwa Alumran and Saja Alrayes

Received Date: 2021-12-01 ; Accepted Date: 2021-12-06; Published Date: 2021-12-15

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)215
Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Dental Surgeons in Jhanshi and Datia 2 nearby District

Author(s): Laxman Singh Kaira, Atul pratap singh kushwah* and K S Negi

Received Date: 2021-11-26 ; Accepted Date: 2021-12-08; Published Date: 2021-12-15

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)214
Anti-hyperglycemic Medication Compliance, A Quality Assurance Project

Author(s): Rayan Mamoona, Yusufal Mamoon*, Debbie Hermanstyne and Issac Sachmechi

Received Date: 2022-01-17 ; Accepted Date: 2021-12-24; Published Date: 2021-12-03

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)213
Chylooperitoneum in the Cardiovascular Possurgical Presentation of a Case

Author(s): AIlen Corrales Arredondo, C Alfredo Mario Naranjo Ugalde, Lais Angélica Ceruto Ortiz*, Luis Bravo Pérez de Ordaz and Pedro Rolando López Rodríguez

Received Date: 2021-11-17 ; Accepted Date: 2021-11-24; Published Date: 2021-11-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)212
Frequency of Morbidly Adherent Placenta in Previous Scarred Uterus

Author(s): Naushaba Rizwan*, Faiza Saleem and Syed Farhan Uddin

Received Date: 2021-09-24 ; Accepted Date: 2021-10-28; Published Date: 2021-10-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)211
Abdominal Tuberculosis, Cancer and Granulomatous Disease: A Clinical Review

Author(s): Lucas F, Gigante J and Silva S

Received Date: 2021-09-19 ; Accepted Date: 2021-09-24; Published Date: 2021-10-23

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)210
Characteristics of End-Stage Kidney Disease in a Cohort of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Adults in Northwestern Ontario, Canada

Author(s): Victoria Domonkos, William G. McCready and Marina Ulanova*

Received Date: 2021-08-04 ; Accepted Date: 2021-08-09; Published Date: 2021-08-13

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)209
Trace Element Contents in Thyroid of Patients with Diagnosed Colloid Nodular Goiter Determined by Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescent Analysis

Author(s): Vladimir Zaichick

Received Date: 2021-07-28 ; Accepted Date: 2021-08-06; Published Date: 2021-08-10

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)208
Radiofrequency Ablation of Benign Thyroid Nodules: Initial Review with Clinical Experience in Singapore

Author(s): Karan Daga, Kanika Daga, Stephen Teck Soong Lee and Manish Taneja

Received Date: 2021-06-20 ; Accepted Date: 2021-06-26; Published Date: 2021-07-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)207
Acute Renal Infarcts from Spontaneous Intra-Renal Dissection: Case Series with a Review of Literature

Author(s): Karan Daga, Benjamin SY Chua and Manish Taneja

Received Date: 2021-06-20 ; Accepted Date: 2021-06-26; Published Date: 2021-07-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)206
COVID-19: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Prevention and Associated Factors among Gimbi Town Residents Western F Ethiopia at an Early Phase

Author(s): Keneni Ephrem Dibissa, Getahun Fetensa*, Mangistu Tamiru and Alemnesh Mosisa

Received Date: 2021-07-04 ; Accepted Date: 2021-07-13; Published Date: 2021-07-21

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)205
Clinical Findings of Patients with Human Bronchial Asthma in Basrah, Iraq

Author(s): Ihsan Edan Alsaimary and Falih Hmood Mezban

Received Date: 2021-07-21 ; Accepted Date: 2021-07-26; Published Date: 2021-07-31

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)190
Saudi Medical Research Articles Published in Pseudo Journals: An Urgent Call for Action

Author(s): Dalia Abdulrahman Alansari, Sarah Saleh Aljdani, Maha Saleh AlJdani, Maha Hashem Awlia and Sameer Yousef Rizg

Received Date: 2021-05-21 ; Accepted Date: 2021-05-27; Published Date: 2021-06-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)204
Health Benefits of Green Coffee Beans

Author(s): Tharwat AG Eldin

Received Date: 2021-06-02 ; Accepted Date: 2021-06-07; Published Date: 2021-06-12

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)203
Determination the Effect of Ionizing Radiation in Blood Cells Parameters among Sudanese Radiology Workers

Author(s): Amged Hussein Abdelrhman* and Abdelgadir Ahmed Abdelgadir

Received Date: 2021-05-20 ; Accepted Date: 2021-05-28; Published Date: 2021-05-31

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)202
In Vitro Site specific DNA Editing via Restriction Enzyme

Author(s): Umair Masood

Received Date: 2021-05-14 ; Accepted Date: 2021-05-24; Published Date: 2021-05-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)201
Ruptured Brainstem Arteriovenous Malformation Successfully Treated with Endovascular Surgery Used PHIL

Author(s): Dante Valer*, John Vargas, Osmar Ordinola, Giancarlo Saal and Rodolfo Rodriguez

Received Date: 2021-04-29 ; Accepted Date: 2021-05-04; Published Date: 2021-05-10

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)200
Optokinetic Stimulation as a Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Author(s): Quinn Hanses and Anna Rose Wiencek*

Received Date: 2021-04-13 ; Accepted Date: 2021-04-21; Published Date: 2021-04-29

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)199
Non-compliance with Wearing Facemasks thru Pandemics: Reappraisal of Interconnected Dynamics

Author(s): Saeed Shoja Shafti

Received Date: 2021-04-11 ; Accepted Date: 2021-04-24; Published Date: 2021-04-29

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)198
Outbreaks of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) in Comorbid Patients

Author(s): Kaiser Jamil*, Kavitha Kumari Kakarala and Ramesh Maturi

Received Date: 2021-03-09 ; Accepted Date: 2021-03-18; Published Date: 2021-03-29

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)197
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Covid-19 Prevention and Associated Factors among House Holds In Ilu Ababor and Bunno Bedele Zones, Southwest Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Author(s): Milkias Dugassa*, Bonsa Amsalu, Sanbato Tamiru, Ebissa Negera, Abdi Gada, Tesfaye Tsegaye, Firomsa Bekele, Desalegn Chilo, Mustefa Mohammedhussein, Endegena Abebe and Eshetu Chilo

Received Date: 2021-03-09 ; Accepted Date: 2021-03-18; Published Date: 2021-03-29

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)196
Covid-19 and Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2(ACE2)

Author(s): Hayder M Al-kuraishy*, Nawar R Hussien, Marwa S Al-Niemi and Ali I Al-Gareeb

Received Date: 2021-02-24 ; Accepted Date: 2021-03-08; Published Date: 2021-03-22

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)195
Brain and Peripheral Neuronal Injury in Covid-19: The Panorama and Dispute

Author(s): Hayder M Al-kuraishy*, Nawar R Hussien, Marwa S Al-Niemi and Ali I Al-Gareeb

Received Date: 2021-02-24 ; Accepted Date: 2021-03-08; Published Date: 2021-03-22

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)194
Risk Factors for Worsening Bronchial Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Author(s): Biljana Petrovic

Received Date: 2021-02-23 ; Accepted Date: 2021-03-08; Published Date: 2021-03-15

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)193
The Superior Ophthalmic Vein Approach for the Treatment of Carotid-Cavernous Fistulas: Our First Experience

Author(s): Dante Valer, Rafael Morales, Lucía Gárate and Eduardo Mendez MT

Received Date: 2021-03-04 ; Accepted Date: 2021-03-09; Published Date: 2021-03-14

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)192
Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot

Author(s): Imran Khan, Zhengjun Cui*, Gao Ya, Guo Pengfei, Qing-nan Meng, Rongqiang Yang and Xiaobo Wang

Received Date: 2021-02-24 ; Accepted Date: 2021-03-03; Published Date: 2021-03-08

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)191
Awareness Regarding COVID -19 among General Public – Known and Unknown: A Population- Based Survey

Author(s): Shashi Mawar, Smita Das*, Anubha Devogourou and Ravneet kaur

Received Date: 2021-01-02 ; Accepted Date: 2021-02-27; Published Date: 2021-02-27

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)189
Shoulder Differences between Volleyball Players and Non-Overhead Athletes

Author(s): Ribeiro A*, Pinto P and Martins M

Received Date: 2021-02-22 ; Accepted Date: 2021-02-26; Published Date: 2021-02-27

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)188
Hepatitis B in Pregnant Females. A Cross Sectional Study in Nile Delta, Egypt

Author(s): Mahmoud Elkadeem and Ramy Elnaggar

Received Date: 2021-02-14 ; Accepted Date: 2021-02-19; Published Date: 2021-02-26

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)187
Study of Infectious Diarrheas, in Transylvania – Romania

Author(s): Liana Monica Deac

Received Date: 2021-01-31 ; Accepted Date: 2021-02-10; Published Date: 2021-02-15

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)186
Characterization and Immunologic Response of IgY Against Leishmania Mexicana

Author(s): Marbel Torres-Arias

Received Date: 2021-01-08 ; Accepted Date: 2021-01-23; Published Date: 2021-01-27

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)185
The Importance of Appropriate Management and Differential Diagnosis Patient’s Vocalizations (Groaning or Moaning) In the Last Days and Hours of Life

Author(s): Luciana Frade

Received Date: 2020-12-30 ; Accepted Date: 2021-01-06; Published Date: 2021-01-13

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2021(8)184

Volume   7

A Systematic Review of the Phosphorus Content of the Normal Human Prostate Gland

Author(s): Vladimir Zaichick

Received Date: 2020-12-08 ; Accepted Date: 2020-12-28; Published Date: 2020-12-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)183
Immune Response and Immunity to SARS-CoV-2

Author(s): Cortez e Castro M* and Bicho M

Received Date: 2020-12-06 ; Accepted Date: 2020-12-17; Published Date: 2020-12-28

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)182
Applied investigation at Life Science, Hygiene, Biomedical Research in Medieval Islamic Civilization

Author(s): Mohammadreza Shahidipak

Received Date: 2020-11-12 ; Accepted Date: 2020-12-27; Published Date: 2020-12-21

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)181
New Normal: Medical Training through 360 Virtual Reality – in Times of COVID-19 & Beyond

Author(s): Scott Robinson

Received Date: 2020-11-30 ; Accepted Date: 2020-12-04; Published Date: 2020-12-14

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)180
“The IPA (Invertebrate Primitive Antibody) and COVID 19”

Author(s): Michel Leclerc

Received Date: 2020-11-11 ; Accepted Date: 2020-11-17; Published Date: 2020-11-20

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)179
A Case Report in Teenager Age: Is Lying Position a Trigger of Visual Sensations In Alice in Wonderland Syndrome?

Author(s): Stefan Bittmann*, Elisabeth Luchter, Anne Weissenstein, Elena Moschüring-Alieva and Gloria Villalon

Received Date: 2020-11-06 ; Accepted Date: 2020-11-12; Published Date: 2020-11-17

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)178
Industrial Control Systems: The Biggest Cyber Threat

Author(s): Christos P Beretas

Received Date: 2020-10-31 ; Accepted Date: 2020-11-10; Published Date: 2020-11-16

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)177
The En Masse and the Sequential Retraction Procedures

Author(s): Mhd Azhar Ibrahim Kharsa

Received Date: 2020-10-30 ; Accepted Date: 2020-11-06; Published Date: 2020-11-10

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)176
The Most Significant Risk Factors for Intranatal Fetal Damage When Using the Kiwi Vacuum Extractor

Author(s): V A Kramarskyi*, E B Afanasiev, V N Dudakova and U V Trusov

Received Date: 2020-10-24 ; Accepted Date: 2020-11-30; Published Date: 2020-11-06

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)175
Changes in Synaptic Terminal Structure in Adolescent Rat during Pregnancy; the Action Potential Propagation and Synaptic Transmission

Author(s): Opeyemi Oluwasanmi Adeloye*, Oyeneyin Babatunde David, Samuel Olawuwo and Roseline kehinde Adeloye

Received Date: 2020-10-04 ; Accepted Date: 2020-10-14; Published Date: 2020-10-29

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)174
Some Significant Advances in Antibacterial Treatment of Textile Materials

Author(s): N Gokarneshan* and V Krishna kumar

Received Date: 2020-10-14 ; Accepted Date: 2020-10-22; Published Date: 2020-10-25

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)173
Impact of covid-19 on adoption of telemedicine in nigeria

Author(s): Taoreed Azeez

Received Date: 2020-08-23 ; Accepted Date: 2020-10-09; Published Date: 2020-10-15

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)172
Covid-19, Ecmo and Coagulation: A Bizarre Triangle with A Happy End

Author(s): Veiras S*, Eiras M, Martínez A, Selas S, Taboada M and Alvarez J

Received Date: 2020-08-08 ; Accepted Date: 2020-08-17; Published Date: 2020-08-20

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)171
The effect of a brain-targeted beverage on cognition in an older population

Author(s): Kate Bauer, Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, Pei-Ra Ling, Charles Marsland and Stacey J Bell*

Received Date: 2020-05-28 ; Accepted Date: 2020-06-13; Published Date: 2020-08-23

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)170
The remember/regeneration therapy method as a new holistic approach for celiac disease: Two case reports

Author(s): Mustafa Yasar*, Bulent Uysal and Teoman Alpay Demirel

Received Date: 2020-02-20 ; Accepted Date: 2020-08-03; Published Date: 2020-05-17

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2020(7)169

Volume   6

Effectiveness of the flipped classroom instructional method in physiology teaching among diversified student group—A study from Guyana

Author(s): Shubham Jain, Nagesh Babu, Sankalan Sarkar

Received Date: 2019-03-04 ; Accepted Date: 2019-11-22; Published Date: 2019-11-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2019(6)168
Seroprevalence of hepatitis C virus antibodies among Sudanese patients with Schistosomiasis referred to Al-elafon military hospital in Khartoum state

Author(s): Mohamed Bashir Hussein Faruha, Rasha Zienalabdeen, Babbiker Mohammed Taher Gorish, Mohamed Abdalrahim Ahmed Abdelgalil, Mohamed Ali Siddig Ali, Omer Abdalgadir Ahmed Taha

Received Date: 2019-07-24 ; Accepted Date: 2019-11-19; Published Date: 2019-11-27

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2019(6)167
Academic audit: Suggested methods to assess medical teachers performance

Author(s): Surya Prakasa Rao

Received Date: 2018-07-26 ; Accepted Date: 2019-08-25; Published Date: 2019-10-05

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2019(6)166
Influence of vitamin D status on atherogenic profile of apparently healthy young adults

Author(s): Oyebola Oluwagbemiga Sonuga, Ololade Oluwatobi Eluyera, Ayobola Abimbola Sonuga

Received Date: 2019-04-09 ; Accepted Date: 2019-07-19; Published Date: 2019-08-05

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2019(6)165
Sarcomatous transformation with metastatic deposits in the Omentum in Teratoma of the Ovary: A case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Ola A. Harb, Ahmed A. Obaya, Loay M. Gertallah, Khalid Fathy Helal, Mohamed SH. Ramadan, Sherif Y. Yousif

Received Date: 2019-01-27 ; Accepted Date: 2019-03-08; Published Date: 2019-04-17

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2019(6)164
A comparative study to assess the modulation of stress by Shirodhara in healthy individuals by psychometric and heart rate variability measures

Author(s): Siju Vikhnan, Kaviraja Udupa, Shivarama Varambally, Sudhakar Deverakonda, Talakad Narasappa Sathyaprabha

Received Date: 2018-12-01 ; Accepted Date: 2019-03-03; Published Date: 2019-03-17

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2019(6)163
Prevalence of areca nut and tobacco use in school-going children in Ahmedabad

Author(s): Megha Sandeep Sheth, Azizfatma Khan, Priyasingh Bhagirathsingh Rangey

Received Date: 2019-01-09 ; Accepted Date: 2019-02-12; Published Date: 2019-03-06

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2019(6)162
Comparison of case-based learning and traditional learning style in final year BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) students in paediatric dentistry unit lesson

Author(s): Anshula N. Deshpande, Kishan S. Naik, Koodakandi Somanna Poonacha, Bhavna H. Dave, Neelam H. Joshi, Dimple H. Mehta

Received Date: 2018-04-06 ; Accepted Date: 2019-01-30; Published Date: 2019-02-23

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2019(6)161
Metabolic effects of vitamin D supplementation on electrolyte balance and pregnancy outcome of preeclamptic women in South West, Nigeria

Author(s): Ayobola Abimbola Sonuga, Modupe Fisayo Asaolu, Ajibade Oluwagbenga Oyeyemi, Oyebola Oluwagbemiga Sonuga

Received Date: 2019-01-08 ; Accepted Date: 2019-01-23; Published Date: 2019-02-02

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2019(6)160

Volume   5

Information and communication gaps in the pharmacy

Author(s): Dóra Adrienn Abermann, András Zelena

Received Date: 2018-09-27 ; Accepted Date: 2018-11-08; Published Date: 2018-11-16

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2018(5)159
Observational study on standardized Salacia root extract in patients with Type-2 diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Satyajyoti Kanjilal, Amitabha Dey, Rajarshi Biswas, Deepa Gandhi, Bibhuti Nath Bhatt, Kamarujjaman Mondal, Avinash Narwaria, Chandra Kant Katiyar

Received Date: 2018-09-21 ; Accepted Date: 2018-11-03; Published Date: 2018-11-12

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2018(5)158
Ethnobotanical survey of the medicinal plants used in Kakamega County, western Kenya

Author(s): Elizabeth Odongo, Nelly Mungai, Peggoty Mutai, Esther Karumi, Julius Mwangi, Joseph Omale

Received Date: 2018-03-15 ; Accepted Date: 2018-10-16; Published Date: 2018-10-27

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2018(5)157
Prevalence of forward head posture among 12–16-year-old school going students—A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Shivani Lalitkumar Verma, Jilani Shaikh, Ranveer Kumar Mahato, Megha Sandeep Sheth

Received Date: 2018-08-05 ; Accepted Date: 2018-09-07; Published Date: 2018-09-19

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2018(5)156
Effect of camel milk supplementation in management of gastric ulcer

Author(s): Aminu Lailaba Abubakar, Abdullahi Dandare, Shamsudeen Umar Dandare, Sulaiman Rabiu, Abdulqadir Sule Ibrahim, Saifullahi Armaya’u

Received Date: 2018-07-24 ; Accepted Date: 2018-08-29; Published Date: 2018-09-05

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2018(5)155
Potentiality of Crataeva nurvala bark in the management of thrombosis and membrane stabilization in the rural area, Bangladesh

Author(s): Jalal Uddin, Farhina Rahman Laboni, Samira Karim, Zubair Khalid Labu

Received Date: 2018-06-13 ; Accepted Date: 2018-06-19; Published Date: 2018-06-27

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2018(5)154
Frequency of maternal morbidity in women with obstructed labor: A study at Liaquat University Hospital Hyderabad Sindh

Author(s): Naushaba Rizwan, Ambreen Mughal

Received Date: 2018-04-08 ; Accepted Date: 2018-04-27; Published Date: 2018-06-12

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2018(5)153
Anti-inflammatory activity and toxicological effect of Securidaca longepedunculata (Fresen.) root bark extract in albino rats

Author(s): Idayat T. Gbadamosi, Akindele Oluwatosin Adeyi, Akpevwe Agbatutu

Received Date: 2017-04-19 ; Accepted Date: 2017-06-28; Published Date: 2017-08-17

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2018(5)152
Four novel balanced reciprocal translocations and a novel inversion associated with recurrent spontaneous abortions

Author(s): Puspal De, Sudipa Chakravarty, Amit Chakravarty

Received Date: 2016-11-29 ; Accepted Date: 2017-01-12; Published Date: 2017-02-04

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2018(5)151
Sotos syndrome – Case report of a rare genetic disorder

Author(s): Medhini Madi, Subhas G Babu, Shishir Ram Shetty, Ananya Madiyal, Sonika Achalli, Supriya Bhat

Received Date: 2016-09-23 ; Accepted Date: 2016-10-29; Published Date: 2016-11-27

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2018(5)150
Determination of minimum inhibitory concentrations of common biocides to multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria

Author(s): Rajendran Vijayakumar, Mohammad Saleh Al- Aboody, Meshal K. AlFonaisan, Wael Alturaiki, Suresh Mickymaray, Mariappan Premanathan, Suliman A. Alsagaby, Tim Sandle

Received Date: 2016-08-30 ; Accepted Date: 2016-09-27; Published Date: 2016-10-12

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2018(5)149
In vivo Antioxidant Evaluation of Combretum platypterum (Welw.) Hutch. and Combretum racemosum P. Beauv. (Combretaceae) in Rodents

Author(s): MacDonald Idu, Dickson Uwaya, Oghale Ovuakporie-Uvo

Received Date: 2016-04-18 ; Accepted Date: 2016-08-18; Published Date: 2016-09-23

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2018(5)148

Volume   4

Dentin Dysplasia Type I: A Rare Case

Author(s): Sonika Achalli, Subhas Babu, Renita Lorina Castelino, Medhini Madi, Shishir Ram Shetty, Supriya Bhat

Received Date: 2016-07-03 ; Accepted Date: 2016-08-18; Published Date: 2016-09-04

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2016(4)147
A case report of neurofibromatosis Type 1 – plexiform variant

Author(s): Supriya Bhat, Subhas Gogineni Babu, Renita Lorina Castelino, Kumuda Rao, Medhini Madi, Saidath K Bhat

Received Date: 2016-04-11 ; Accepted Date: 2016-06-20; Published Date: 2016-07-23

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2016(4)146
High-fat diet and low-dose streptozotocin induced type 2 diabetes: a methodological critique

Author(s): Zeynep Ozturk

Received Date: 2016-05-20 ; Accepted Date: 2016-05-30; Published Date: 2016-06-23

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2016(4)145
Assessment of management of acute coronary syndrome in the emergency department Suez Canal university hospital

Author(s): Adel Hamed Elbaih, Aza Z. Aleraky, Mohamed Elsakaya, Ahmed El Awer

Received Date: 2016-03-14 ; Accepted Date: 2016-04-18; Published Date: 2016-05-18

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2016(4)144
Haemorrhage in muscles of the neck and back region in a case of drowning

Author(s): Semih Petekkaya, Mustafa Dogan, Nusret Ayaz, Osman Celbis

Received Date: 2016-03-08 ; Accepted Date: 2016-04-02; Published Date: 2016-04-12

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2016(4)143
In vitro antimicrobial potential of potentilla polyphylla Wall. ex Lehm. taproot extract against human pathogens

Author(s): Khonamai Sewa Nakhuru, Jyotchna Gogoi, Pronobesh Chattopadhyay, Hemanta Kumar Gogoi

Received Date: 2016-01-14 ; Accepted Date: 2016-03-22; Published Date: 2016-03-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2016(4)142
Anti-hyperglycemic effect of Canarium schwenfurthii fruit oil on wistar rats

Author(s): Idu MacDonald, Ovuakporie-Uvo Oghale, Seriki Cecilia Olajesu

Received Date: 2016-01-13 ; Accepted Date: 2016-03-08; Published Date: 2016-03-22

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2016(4)141
Recurrent abdominal pain: Multiseptate gall bladder

Author(s): Emrah Aydin

Received Date: 2016-01-03 ; Accepted Date: 2016-03-07; Published Date: 2016-03-13

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2016(4)140
The effect of the antioxidant drug “U-74389G” on acid phosphatase levels during ischemia reperfusion injury in rats

Author(s): Constantinos Τsompos, Constantinos Panoulis, Konstantinos Τοutouzas, Aggeliki Triantafyllou, George Ζografos, Apostolos Papalois

Received Date: 2016-01-04 ; Accepted Date: 2016-01-29; Published Date: 2016-03-11

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2016(4)139
Comparison of the protective nature of antioxidants on stored erythrocytes

Author(s): Soumya Ravikumar, Vani Rajashekharaiah

Received Date: 2016-01-29 ; Accepted Date: 2016-02-24; Published Date: 2016-03-11

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2016(4)138
Lipids, lipoproteins & cd4 count of HIVinfected patients on anti-retroviral treatment

Author(s): Ganiyu Babatunde Agboola, Saheed Opeyemi Usman, Olusola John Fatunmbi, Oluwalogbon Usman Yisa, Victor O Koledoye, Ibiwumi Nafisat Isola, Oluwatosin I Oni

Received Date: 2015-10-19 ; Accepted Date: 2016-01-12; Published Date: 2016-03-11

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2016(4)137
Giant cell fibroma - A Case Report

Author(s): Renita Lorina Castelino, Subhas G Babu, Preethi Balan, Urvashi Shetty, Anusha Rangare Laxmana, Fazil Kavungal Areekat, Kumuda Rao, Supriya Bhat

Received Date: 2016-01-27 ; Accepted Date: 2016-02-26; Published Date: 2016-03-11

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2016(4)136

Volume   3

Facility Based Maternal Death Review at Tertiary Care Hospital: A Small Effort to Explore Hidden Facts

Author(s): Megha Mehta, Neha Bavarva

Received Date: 2015-08-10 ; Accepted Date: 2015-09-01; Published Date: 2015-12-16

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(3)135
Human Colon Microbiota and Mucosal Immune System

Author(s): Ridvan Cetin, Sedat Develi, Asel Ozturk, Omer Aykutlug, Ahmet Korkmaz

Received Date: 2015-08-06 ; Accepted Date: 2015-09-02; Published Date: 2015-12-16

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(3)134
Hemifacial Microsomia with bilateral ear involvement

Author(s): Ananya Madiyal, Vidya Ajila, Shruthi Hegde, Subhas Babu, Priyadharshini Alva

Received Date: 2015-03-25 ; Accepted Date: 2015-07-22; Published Date: 2015-12-15

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(3)133
Clinical manifestations of non-typhoid Salmonella bacteremia in southern Taiwan

Author(s): Tung-Lung Wu , Chuan-Chuan Hung, Chu-Li Tu, Yu-Wen Wang, Chien-Ming Chao

Received Date: 2015-10-22 ; Accepted Date: 2015-11-07; Published Date: 2015-11-23

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(3)132
External biliary fistula presenting as anterior abdominal wall abscess – a rare presentation in modern surgical practice

Author(s): Arshad Rashid, Suhail Khuroo, Sartaj Hassan Shah, Farzana Khuroo

Received Date: 2015-06-07 ; Accepted Date: 2015-07-12; Published Date: 2015-07-07

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(3)131
Duodenum Inversum – An obscure cause of Gastric Outlet Obstruction

Author(s): Subhash Goyal, Arshad Rashid, Rekha Goyal, Ravish Aneja

Received Date: 2015-06-16 ; Accepted Date: 2015-07-01; Published Date: 2015-07-07

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(3)130
Psychometric properties of the SF-12, penn shoulder score, and visual analog scale-pain for rotator cuff retears

Author(s): Jyothi Menon, Joseph C. Cappelleri, Jack Mardekian, Nicholas J. Vendetti, Marko Mychaskiw, Joseph Thomas III

Received Date: 2015-05-26 ; Accepted Date: 2015-06-23; Published Date: 2015-07-07

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(3)129
Approach to elephantiasis nostra of unclear etiology: A case report with a brief review

Author(s): Hamit Serdar Basbug, Macit Bitargil, Kanat Ozisik

Received Date: 2015-04-09 ; Accepted Date: 2015-05-04; Published Date: 2015-05-08

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(3)128
Sociodemographic and obstetrical factors associated with low birth weight: Community based retrospective study in an urban slum of Western India

Author(s): Prakash B. Patel, Neha R. Bavarva, Manan J. Patel, Jayesh J. Rana, Shreyash R. Mehta, Rajkumar K. Bansal

Received Date: 2015-03-29 ; Accepted Date: 2015-04-27; Published Date: 2015-05-05

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(3)127
Long-term management with phosphate binders in chronic kidney disease: Patient satisfaction levels with information received from their healthcare professional

Author(s): Michelle Foley, Raji Susan, Linda Sheahan

Received Date: 2015-03-26 ; Accepted Date: 2015-04-25; Published Date: 2015-05-04

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(3)126
Effect of a methanol extract of Allium cepa Linn. on incisional wound healing in alloxan-induced diabetic mice

Author(s): David Emery Tsala, Mendimi Nkodo Joseph, Tatsimo Simplice, Nnanga Nga, Edmond Jacques, Miaffo David

Received Date: 2015-03-27 ; Accepted Date: 2015-04-20; Published Date: 2015-04-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(3)125
Cutaneous tuberculosis: A clinicopathological study of 50 cases from a tertiary care referral hospital

Author(s): Rajpal Singh Punia, Phiza Aggarwal, Reetu Kundu, Harsh Mohan, Mala Bhalla, Deepak Aggarwal

Received Date: 2015-03-31 ; Accepted Date: 2015-04-12; Published Date: 2015-04-21

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(3)124

Volume   2

Merits of endonasal endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy: a case series

Author(s): T. inesh ingh, yothi amakrishna, ara hreen, Naima egum, andeep . ishwakarma, Aleem A. han

Received Date: 2015-01-02 ; Accepted Date: 2015-01-26; Published Date: 2015-12-31

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(2)123
Patient safety: A developing world perspective

Author(s): Venkataramana Kandi

Received Date: 2015-04-12 ; Accepted Date: 2015-04-26; Published Date: 2015-05-04

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(2)122
Surgical management of free-fl oating thrombus within the common carotid artery

Author(s): Suleyman Surer, Hamit Serdar Basbug, Zeynep Ulusan Ozkan, Senan Huseynov, Onur Saydam, Kasım Karapinar

Received Date: 2015-03-01 ; Accepted Date: 2015-03-22; Published Date: 2015-04-08

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(2)121
Disseminated Mycobacterium scrofulaceum infection in a patient with lymphoma

Author(s): Yu-Wen Wang, Chuan-Chuan Hung, Chi-Chou Tseng, Ping-Jen Chen, Chien-Ming Chao

Received Date: 2015-02-26 ; Accepted Date: 2015-03-31; Published Date: 2015-04-06

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(2)120
Perforated gangrenous Meckel’s diverticulum due to round worm bolus presenting as acute abdomen

Author(s): anief ohamed ar, Aia Ahmad alyar, ir utaba Ahmad, hahnawa ashir hat

Received Date: 2015-03-05 ; Accepted Date: 2015-03-24; Published Date: 2015-04-02

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(2)119
Development and characterization naproxen gel bearing eucalyptus oil for topical delivery

Author(s): ikas ain, onika Thakur

Received Date: 2015-02-07 ; Accepted Date: 2015-03-05; Published Date: 2015-06-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(2)118
Intestinal Bacteroides vulgatus showing resistance to metals

Author(s): Aline Ignacio, Viviane Nakano, Mario Julio Avila-Campos

Received Date: 2015-02-13 ; Accepted Date: 2015-03-26; Published Date: 2015-04-08

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(2)117
A different approach to chest tube drainage after cardiac surgery: A study on the usage of a single versus separate drain vials

Author(s): Ergun Haliloglu, Sefer Usta, Hamit Serdar Basbug, Mine Demirbas, Umit Mentese, Orhan Veli Dogan

Received Date: 2015-03-09 ; Accepted Date: 2015-03-22; Published Date: 2015-04-08

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(2)116
A comparative study of transabdominal preperitoneal verses totally extra-peritoneal mesh repair of inguinal hernia

Author(s): Shauat eelani, Mali Suhail Ahmad, Hanief Mohamed Dar, Mali aian Abass, Ahar Mushta, Ubaid Ali

Received Date: 2015-03-10 ; Accepted Date: 2015-03-28; Published Date: 2015-04-08

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(2)115
Open fracture wound infections caused by Aeromonas species

Author(s): Tung-Lung Wu, Chung-Da Wu, Chung-Hsing Yu, Chi-Chou Tseng, Huan-Tee Chan, Po-Yih Chen, Wei-Ming Chen, Wei-Ting Lin

Received Date: 2015-02-25 ; Accepted Date: 2015-03-10; Published Date: 2015-03-19

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(2)114
Preeclampsia at the molecular level

Author(s): Randa Abdel Kader Mahmoud El-Desouki, Fawzia Ahmed Habib

Received Date: 2015-01-20 ; Accepted Date: 2015-02-09; Published Date: 2015-03-16

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(2)113

Volume   1

Kienbock’s disease following pellet injury to the lunate: A case report

Author(s): Nasir Muzaffar, Mohammad Ahsan, Shamim Ahmad

Received Date: 2015-02-28 ; Accepted Date: 2015-03-25; Published Date: 2015-04-02

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(1)112
Clinicopathological characteristics of colorectal cancers at KHMC

Author(s): Ahmad Telfah, Mohammad Obeidat, Ayman Abu-Kamar, Ahmad Bawa’neh, Abdulmajeed Arabeiat, Hani Al-Kafaween, Luna Fayyad

Received Date: 2015-01-16 ; Accepted Date: 2015-01-26; Published Date: 2015-02-11

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(1)111
Revisiting Mantoux test in the era of immunization and Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis

Author(s): Venkataramana Kandi

Received Date: 2015-01-14 ; Accepted Date: 2015-01-31; Published Date: 2015-02-07

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(1)110
Pipeline bandage with marigold essence in pediatric bee sting lesions

Author(s): Gloria Villalon, Anne Weissenstein, Elisabeth Luchter, Stefan Bittmann

Received Date: 2015-01-01 ; Accepted Date: 2015-01-31; Published Date: 2015-02-07

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(1)109
Tumor suppressor candidate 3 gene deletion correlates with mental retardation in a child

Author(s): Anne Weissenstein, Gloria Villalon, Elisabeth Luchter, Stefan Bittmann

Received Date: 2014-12-31 ; Accepted Date: 2015-01-31; Published Date: 2015-02-07

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(1)108
A newborn with a missing cerebrum

Author(s): Anne Weissenstein, Gloria Villalon, Elisabeth Luchter, Stefan Bittmann

Received Date: 2015-01-01 ; Accepted Date: 2015-02-01; Published Date: 2015-02-07

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(1)107
Open peer review: An initiative to look out for

Author(s): Ganesh Singh Dharmshaktu

Received Date: 2020-02-07 ; Accepted Date: 2015-05-28; Published Date: 2015-06-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(1)106
Design and characterization of microsponge loaded controlled release epicutaneous gel of lornoxicam

Author(s): Purnima Panday, Neha Shukla, Dharmesh Sisodiya, Vikas Jain, Suresh Chand Mahajan

Received Date: 2015-01-17 ; Accepted Date: 2015-01-27; Published Date: 2015-02-11

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(1)105
Maternal anemia during pregnancy in Bahirdar Town, Northwestern Ethiopia: A facility-based retrospective study

Author(s): Mulugeta Melku and Aster Agmas

Received Date: 2015-01-10 ; Accepted Date: 2015-01-29; Published Date: 2015-02-07

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(1)104
Comparison of plate and nail fi xation for acute humeral shaft fracture of our experience

Author(s): Yi Lune Huang, Chi Rung Chung, Po Chung Huang, Wei Tin Lin, Chung Da Wu

Received Date: 2015-01-25 ; Accepted Date: 2015-01-31; Published Date: 2015-02-07

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(1)103
High-sensitivity C-reactive protein: Could it be used as a cardiovascular risk predictor in hemodialysis patients?

Author(s): Sefer Usta, Hamit Serdar Basbug, Yavuz Cakiroglu

Received Date: 2015-01-25 ; Accepted Date: 2015-01-27; Published Date: 2015-02-07

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(1)102
Applied Medical Research (AMR) is starting

Author(s): Editorial Team

Received Date: 2015-01-01 ; Accepted Date: 2015-01-01; Published Date: 2015-01-01

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2015(1)101